I have always enjoyed teaching and have often volunteered as a teaching asssitant and to cover lectures when the professor was not available. Below I list some of the courses I have assisted on.

University of Sheffield

This year I am involved in the Data analysis, designing usable webpages, Database design and Data mining and visualization postgraduate modules. I have assisted Prof. Val Gillet on the chemoinformatics module, where the basics of our disciplines is taught to first year chemistry undergraduates. I have also assisted Prof. Peter Stordy in the module "Designing better websites", where masters students are introduced to HTML5 and CSS.

University of Bonn

During my PhD I helped as a teaching assistant in several courses organized by my supervisor, Prof. Jürgen Bajorath. Among them, I helped in the "Chemoinformatics practical", where masters students learned the Java language through chemoinformatics focused exercises. Another programming course I helped with was "Programming lab 2", this one focused on Python. Additionally, I helped in the course "Molecular modeling and drug design", where masters students perform modeling exercises suing the software MOE. I also gave some lectures for the courses "Chemistry bridging course", "Bioinformatics 2" and "Chemoinformatics". Finally, I helped as a master student Junior-Prof. Alexander Markowetz by directing the practical part of "Foundations of information management" about relational databases.